Motorcycle Adventure

It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. On top of this comes a host of core technologies that are at the heart of the Tiger 800s superb riding experience, including; switchable ABS and traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, heated rider and pillion seats and grips, powered sockets (12v and USB) and an immobiliser.

Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates from Adventure Rider Radio. The Triumph Tigers are the ultimate adventure motorcycle range that allows you to experience every moment. Every bike in the new Tiger family is born with the true spirit of adventure.

Fully agree with you - i bought a 2016 renegade expert for £1300 from evans, upgraded the wheelset to hunt four seasons and have a bike that's fantastic for endurance riding, a bit of cross and light touring. It's more measured than a race bike, with a long wheelbase producing the sort of stability that makes it a very easy bike to ride along back roads and over more challenging trails.

Travelled lots on klr 650 around australia, first bike 50 000ks of fun without any break downs. The more remote your planned adventure rides are going to be the more reliable you want the bike to be. Of course, the idea of riding a road bike across any sort of terrain, be it smoothly paved roads or rough and bumpy gravel tracks, woodland trails laced with roots or edge-of-field bridleways, is nothing new really.

A big adventure bike normally weighs in 180 kg and greater (fuelled without gear). While big bikes are popular in the media, many are still riding smaller or mid-sized motorcycles. All images are of professional riders under closed road conditions. Riding small motorcycles, called piki pikis in Swahili, they were hooked on travel and never looked back.

Blending the norm between all-out road and wr250r adventure mountain bikes, adventure bikes give a much wider range of versatility, making them perfect for the multi-discipline cyclist. Canadian firm Norco is best known for its mountain bikes, and its Search bikes have been designed as adventure bikes able to tackle a multitude of paved or unpaved surfaces.

At ABS we pride ourselves on offering a specialised and professional service, as one of the very few adventure motorcycle touring companies operated by certified tour guides, accredited by the National Department of Tourism. Now theoretically riding on bigger bikes should not change the rules, and for really experienced riders it doesn't.

Rider training involves more than just the physical aspect, to reach your full riding potential you have to train your mind as well. Max McAllister is the President of Traxxion Dynamics, manufacturer of suspension components for motorcycles and mountain bikes.

There had been many rumours circulating about a KTM 790 Adventure before Eicma, with some riders wishfully hoping that it might be launched for 2018. In this episode, Graham Field, motorcycle adventure traveller and author, talks about his experience with solo travel, and the pros and cons of it.

This exceeds the factory recommendation of 15 hours due to the factory recommendations being based on hard competition riding that is rarely mimicked by your typical adventure rider. Gravel and adventure bikes, though, are better suited to the demands of on and off-road riding.

The problem with trying to write up a Top List for adventure motorcycles is that everyone has a different opinion of what an adventure bike truly is. Different people have different ideas about what an adventure” even is, so it's hardly surprising that the segment is hard to define.

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